“Rosso Calabria. An ancient wine for a new South.”

The Region of Calabria, Department of Agriculture and Agri-Resources, is present at Vinitaly 2016 with an area of over 900 m² and with 56 companies and two consortia, presenting its new brand “Rosso Calabria”, a tribute to the precious dark berry varieties of the region, synonymous with high quality, history and innovative winemaking.
Calabrian viticulture has ancient origins, dating back to the seventh century BC, and a thousand-year tradition of commitment, passion and expertise. It is precisely to strengthen the identity of their wines and exploit the enormous heritage of the area that the brand “Rosso Calabria” was born: a container to communicate the qualities of the typical wines produced in the region, from Gaglioppo to Magliocco Dolce, including Calabrese, Nerello, Greco nero and Magliocco Canino. These grapes are a priceless asset for Calabrian oenology, and through the brand, they are revalued and transmitted to the general public under a “red” banner.
Red like the passion that farmers put into their work every day, like the passion that guides an ambitious project which brings producers of the region together, all aiming at high quality standards.
Calabrian producers in recent years have been able to compete successfully on the market, with remarkable results. The recovery of ancient varieties, the research projects on the different varieties, the careful selection and the latest cultivation and production technologies have given a huge boost to regional production, confirming that Calabria has an important place in the history and culture of wine, certified by major awards and certified brands that distinguish the excellent products of this multifaceted peninsular region.