Calabria is a marvellous, complex mosaic of landscapes: rugged mountain chains, woodlands cut through by water-courses, valleys and gentle stretches of hill, sunlit cliffs and coasts, ancient villages. These diverse, splendid scenarios are the home of wines with a unique history, with a characteristic temperament and taste.mappa-territori
The profound link, established over the centuries, between native vines and the heterogeneous geopedological characteristics of the region make the wines an active testimony to the multiple terroirs that it is able to offer.
Alongside this is the commitment of farmers, vine-growers and producers, who through scientific research on the grapes, the land and the wine-producing techniques have restored the value of a unique vine heritage.
Calabria today has about 350 varieties, with 12,000 hectares of vineyard and a production of 400,000 hectolitres annually, of which 70% red wine and 30% white. The main areas of production are concentrated in the provinces of Crotone, Cosenza, Catanzaro and Reggio Calabria, which are home to nine DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) and nine IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) certifications.

Among the most significant red-grape vines we have Gaglioppo, the base of Cirò Rosso, Cirò Rosato and Melissa Rosso, and Magliocco Dolce, typical of the Terre di Cosenza DOP. Greco bianco is the principal variety of Cirò Bianco and contributes to a number of DOPs including Bivongi and Lamezia. Mantonico is the other great native white in the ascendant.